Who We Are

We are a group of dedicated pharmacists, technicians and students who have a passion for serving the medical needs of the people in the Over-the-Rhine community. We work closely with the Crossroad Health Center to ensure our patients receive the best care and the cheapest price.

Our History

Pharmacy-Over-the-Rhine opened its doors in January of 2007 to fill an unmet need in the community. The Crossroad Health Center provided wonderful care and support, but a majority of patients could not fill their prescriptions because there was no local pharmacy. Oftentimes these prescriptions went unfilled, and the patients were left without the medications they needed to control chronic diseases and treat emergent infections. Today, the pharmacy has dispensed over 150,000 prescriptions. Because Pharmacy-Over-the-Rhine is a non-profit, all profits made are directly invested back into the pharmacy and the community.

Our Current Work

Today, about 85-90% of prescriptions dispensed are for patients of the Crossroad Health Center and the Dental-One clinic next door. We also see many patients after they are discharged from neighboring hospitals. We provide friendly service in the lobby of the Crossroad Health Center and enjoy when our patients stop by to pick up their prescriptions or to just say hi. We have at least 3 students rotating through the pharmacy at a time and strive to create a learning environment both for the patients and the students. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions about your medications or disease states!

Our Future

We hope to expand our clinical services to include immunization programs and Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services, which is tailored medication counseling and disease state education. Within the next few years, Pharmacy-Over-the-Rhine is looking to renovate their space to allow more room for these services. Stay tuned for more information!